Welcome to SustainableUXUI Design Community!

SustainableUXUI is a design community focused on sustainability. Together we grow faster and stronger as better experts and people.


A world where UX and UI designers work together on the creation of beautiful, healthy and meaningful products for the human kind and the Earth.


SustainableUXUI is a healthy community which opens doors for UX, UI deigners and creative poeple who truly care about others and the world, and therefore work in a sustainable way. What is more, Sustainable UXUI is a community that sets the tone for the new generations of designers to be mindful, responsible and constructive.


Integrity Authenticity Care Inspiration Enthusiasm


Through our platform we create an open-minded friendly environment facilitating design experience exchange. Furthermore, we’re hosting multiple design-related events, mentoring young experts, participating at various IT events as judges and mentors, talking at conferences as well as encouraging others to actively do so.


Because or vision is our mission and we decide to be living it now.

Who we are

SustainableUXUI Bozhana Ivanova designer

Dr. Bozhana Ivanova

Senior UX Designer


SustainableUXUI Martina Ivanova designer

Martina Ivanova

UI/UX Designer


Our code of conduct

  1. Be constructive and contribute to the community culture of health.
  2. Be friendly and open-minded, while sharing your authentic self and expressing your honest opinion.
  3. Support others in their personal and professional growth.
  4. Be a no-ego doer who’s ready to learn from everyone.

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