In case you’re working in the field of UX design or considering starting a career in this area, here are some tips which you miht find helpful.

UX Jobs an Skills they require

What are the main areas of UX and what are the main UX job positions?

Tips on how to level up your career in UX design

Here are some tips which can help you level up your career and give you an inspiration:

  • Evaluate where are you now and where are you going in your career growth. Ak yourself “How far can I go?” and figure out what your pasions is.
  • Education – Courses, books, videos
  • Create a skill matrix and evaluate yourself – Go on LinkedIn and figure out
  • Set goals based on your current level and where you see yourself in 1 year and track your progress (book a workshop with me)
  • Finding mentors –  find mentors and talk to them, ask for guidance and advice,
  • Create a questionnaire of great questions you’d like to ask some of the best UX people in the world when you have a chase to talk to them, prepare yourself
  • Share your knowledge, participate in volunteering projects
  • Participate in UX workshops, analyze, imagine yourself leading a workshop, what would you improve, what would you do differently
  • UX community – grow your community, LinkedIn, MeetUps and local communities
  • Ask for opportunities for collaboration
  • Experience exchange and adoption of the good practices –
  • Conferences are a great way to meet the greatest names in UX, get in touch with them, follow them on linkedIn and learn from them
  • UX growth schedule – schedule all these as tasks and set reminders to talk to people, to approach others, to participate in events, to talk at meetups, to find opportunities for experience exchange, to book workshops on the topics you’re interested in and bring value in your work


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